The South Orange-Maplewood Adult School children's summer program

SESSION 1: JULY 1-12 (no classes on July 4)


The Children’s Summer Program can be reached at 973.378.2772, ext. 2112 or

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All Children's Summer Program classes take place at South Orange Middle School, with the exception of off-site sports.


  • We strongly suggest you register one child at a time in period order.

  • If your child is a repeat camper, be sure to update the child’s grade level before you add him/her to a class.

  • There is no early morning drop off for students enrolled in off-site sports.

  • Don’t forget to sign up for Supervised Lunch! All children registered in both periods 3 & 4 must be registered for Supervised Lunch (unless they are being picked up for lunch). The exception is Musical Theater Camp, which meets from periods 1-5.

  • Please note that all multi-period classes appear in their own categories under the Session Type filter. For example, Wizard Camp meets in periods 2-3 and will be found in Session Type Periods 2-3 rather than in Period 2.

  • Please carefully review your cart/purchases to ensure you have not registered your child twice for the same period nor have classes in overlapping periods.

    • Cancellations and/or ANY changes ON OR BEFORE June 24 for Session 1 and July 8 for Session 2 will be assessed a charge of 10% of the course fee(s).

    • There are absolutely no refunds after June 24 for Session 1 or after July 8 for Session 2. After those dates, changes may be made but you will forfeit the original course fee and will be charged the regular course fee for the new class(es).

  • Uncooperative children will be removed from the program without refund.

The South Orange-Maplewood Adult School Children’s Summer Program offers more than 100 classes in creative arts, music, science and sports for students in grades 1-10.  Students get to choose their own classes (there are five periods in a day) and the day can be as long or short as you like. Students can expect to follow their custom-made schedule each day, be instructed by professional, experienced teachers and be assisted by fabulous teen counselors, known as Yellow Shirts. The program also offers both early morning drop-off (onsite) and after-care run by the South Mountain YMCA.

Specialty classes range from coding and woodworking to TV production and a musical theater camp — and nearly everything in between.
The Summer Orchestra Academy provides ensemble lessons and individual mentoring for violin, viola and cello students entering 3rd through 8th grade. The Summer Band Academy provides ensemble lessons and individual mentoring for woodwind, brass and percussion students entering 6th through 8th grade. Both Academies culminate with a concert performance. The popular Suzuki violin program will be offered for students who have taken Suzuki violin lessons during the year and wish to continue to the next level.
The sports camps include basketball, fencing, track, soccer and girls volleyball.